Thursday, January 9, 2014

Computer maintenance and static electricity.

It's really cold. My mom in Mississippi says the pond near her home is frozen. It was 7 degrees (F). The ducks are totally confused because there's no place to swim, and the cats seem to be purposely learning to slide on the ice.

Along with the cold often come static electricity problems which causes a lot of computer deaths this time of year. To stop the static put a little diluted fabric softener in a spray bottle and lightly spray the carpeting around the computer. Repeat every two weeks during winter. from reader's digest

Did you know your desktop computer (including the self-check system) has a battery that needs to be replaced every three to four years? If the computer is a Dell, it likely has a 3-volt lithium coin cell battery type: CR2032. You can obtain a replacement battery for your self-checkout computer from HPCS Library Services (for free if the system is under our maintenance program). You can also pick it up from any store that sells electronics including Wal-Mart.

Before you change the battery, please make sure to take preventative measures against static electricity. Take the computer to an uncarpeted area, and if possible use a static discharge wrist-band.

Changing the battery in a computer can be daunting. If you are not comfortable with opening the computer and removing components to expose the battery, there is no shame in taking the computer to an electronics store to have some "Geeks" do the job for you. Again, for our self-checkout customers HPCS will pay a reasonable fee to have this done.

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